Begin New

Every day is a new day. An opportunity to break free from the past. A chance to start fresh. Having been in the fitness industry for over 10 years now I have seen my fair share of new years resolutions. “I am going to join the gym in January”. “Can you start training me next month”? “How much are classes, I think I am going to start in the New Year”. I’m guilty myself, “After the Holidays, I am going to get back on track” or I’ll just set a random date of when I will implement my changes and convince myself why that is the correct decision. We all do it.

Why is there always the need for us to wait? I feel that it is far too common to wait for the perfect opportunity to change. Well guess what people? That pretty little scenario you dreamed up in your head is never coming. You are going to have challenges. A ton of them. You are going to be tired. Hungry. Sick. You are going to wake up for that morning workout and it may be dark. And cold. And Raining Ice.

There is always the perfect excuse just waiting to be used. The hard part is making the correct steps towards your goals, needs, wants. If having what you wanted in life was so easy wouldn’t you already have it? And while this particular post may be geared towards fitness, it applies to everything we do in life. The easy decision will always be there waiting for you to make. Kinda like the devil on your shoulder. It’s the hard decisions. The ones that don’t come so easy. The type of things you have to remind yourself of every day. The battles you will fight for the rest of your life. Now those are the things in life that hold real value. It is through these trials & tribulations in which we find ourselves.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. Begin New NOW. Ate a bad breakfast? Eat a clean lunch. Didn’t make your daily workout at the gym? Do something at home. Didn’t apply for that promotion at work? Tomorrows not too late.  Want to live your dream? Who the hell is stopping you?

Begin New. NOW