ANiMAL's Tricks of the Trade

Hello ANiMALS! June 2nd marked the beginning of ANiMAL CrossFit’s 4th year.  In celebration of that here are a few simple tips to make your’s and others experience that much better when taking your classes at Animal CrossFit.

It’s like being quite in a library.  You won’t get arrested for screaming in a library, but I’m sure the people next to you would not appreciate it.  These unwritten rules, or etiquette shape the way we interact with people.

Here’s a few etiquette tips that I came up with to make ANiMAL CrossFit a better environment for everyone.  

Practice counting in your head. Nobody likes a cheater, and we understand sometimes counting reps for a 20 minute AMRAP gets really difficult. If computing is too tough for you mid-workout, ask for a piece of scrap paper, use the whiteboard, or use sliders or change plates to count your rounds instead.

Keeping your gear out of the way Space is limited, so please be mindful of the working space in the gym and tuck your belongings out of the way. Bags should be stowed off the training floor if at all possible.

Olympic lifting takes lots of concentration; because of this, please be mindful to stay clear of a lifter’s line of vision when they’re about to lift. You can dance around and cheer for them after a big lift, but please don’t walk right in front of them as they’re set to attempt a big lift!

Manage your stinky equipment! We get it- people come to CrossFit for an intense workout, and the byproduct of that is SWEAT; lots of it.  That is great and we would not want it any other way, BUT let’s make a good effort to clean ourselves, the equipment, and those stinky knee sleeves.

Cheering for the “last man standing” in a workout.  It stinks to be last and we’ve all been there. We are all in a rush to put away our things (we appreciate that) and get moving on to the next part of our day. But we are a community, and we support one another. Give that last person a little extra help and cheer them on. It will make their day better and your’s as well!  Then a team effort clean up will take just a minute or two if everyone helps out!

Please Introduce yourself! We have new members, and visitors at ANiMAL pretty regularly. Maybe you can remember your first time walking into a class full of people you don’t know, and how intimidating that could be.  Next time you see someone you don’t know tell them your name, that hello can go a long way!

Coach John